A downloadable b-elite for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Travel around the Galaxy and visit more than 200 planets. Each one with is own government system, economy and species.

Trade, fight or simply enjoy traveling around. Gain ranks and become Elite!

The game is based on the space trading videogame Elite created by David Braben and Ian Bell, on 1984, for BBV Micro and Acorn Electron. And later on ported to main 8-bit microcomputers.

Good luck Commander! Be Elite!


Due to memory restrictions the game has no combat sequence. So you only can travel around, exploring the Galaxy and trading. Economy is driven by government type, tech level and other variables. So be sure to buy low and sell high. You advance in ranks by doing trade transactions.

Install instructions

This game for a ZX Spectrum 48K. You can run it on modern systems using any Spectrum emulator like: ZEsarUX or Fuse.

Install the emulator, then open the "TAP" file with it.


b-elite-1_1.tap (emulator file) 18 kB
BELITE.BAS (source code) 17 kB


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Have plans for a Radastian version of this game?


Yes... I would like to redo it in machine code and with some 3D. Let's see if I can do it. ;-)

Coool!!!! I thy the game... are a "clone/mix" of  Elite + Drug Wars? Right?

It's a trimmed down version of Elite. Only jump between planets and commerce. No combat cause no more memory in Basic to implement combat sequence. But If I redo it in machine code I could optimize things much more.

I you need a tester.... ;-)